Jio forms teams in India, US and Europe to develop 5G capabilities, drive partnerships

NEW DELHI: Reliance Jio, India's top telecom operator said that it has created a seed team for product management in the country and USA, a dedicated vertical for partnerships and alliances, and a technical team in Europe to develop long term 5G capabilities.

The move will help the company to make a rich set of 5G solutions available in India, “on par or even better than the rest of the world.”

“And, we have even initiated certain partnerships, as well as we’ve created a technical team in Europe to develop long term capabilities, even beyond 5G,” Jio President Kiran Thomas said.

Jio has completed 5G coverage planning for 1,000 top cities based on targeted customer consumption and revenue potential and is using heat maps, 3D maps and ray tracing technology for precise coverage planning to target high consumption and high perception locations.

“ advance of the full-scale rollout, we have already started the planning work for rolling out the 5G network. Thanks to the rich analytics that we have and the very clear visibility that we have of usage across our network, we have a very specific understanding of where the data consumption is the highest and growing is the highest,” Thomas said/

Jio, he said, has a very clear visibility about all the handsets, especially 5G-ready handsets, which are connecting to its network and the locations from where they are connecting.

“And, we are using the most modern approaches towards network planning, especially 3D maps and ray tracing technology because, 5G is pretty unique technology, which requires very advanced network planning techniques, and we are undertaking that for all of India, so that as and when the approvals are received for us to roll this network, we will be well geared-up to prioritise our rollout, where we can make the maximum contribution,” Thomas added.

Jio is also augmenting the fibre as well as the power situation across all of its sites to prepare for 5G. “ the time comes to roll out 5G gear, especially when we have fibre assets, we have all of the planning in place to be able to deploy that extremely quickly,” he added.

Jio is currently running 5G field trials across multiple cities in India. During the earning calls, the telco highlighted some of the 5G use cases such as 5G Robot delivering food trays to patients controlled by fleet management system in the cloud; connected ambulances streaming vital information via 5G; 5G site inspection using a 5G connected drone; and 5G Robotics in warehouse automation.

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