Vodafone Retiring 3G Fully to Make Way for 4G, 5G With Full Force

 The legacy 3G networks of British telecom giant are going to start retiring by next year. This will be due to the company’s strategy for enhancing the 4G and 5G experience of its users. Repurposing of the 3G spectrum would help the telco in adding capacity and it is finally happening after the use of 3G networks for over 17 years. The company’s decision has arrived for 3G due to the falling demand for the network legacy network service. According to Vodafone, less than 4% of the data consumed on its network is through 3G networks compared to the 30% in 2016.

Vodafone to Inform 3G Customers to Upgrade to 4G or 5G

All the 3G customers of Vodafone in the UK will start receiving some sort of communication from the telco about the retirement of 3G networks. The telco will guide its customers to ensure that they don’t have to face a lack of connectivity.

Ahmed Essam, Vodafone UK, CEO said that while 3G has connected so many customers, 4G and 5G networks are the future.

Essam added that Vodafone will start communicating with the 3G customers and help them with everything including upgrading their smartphone. In fact, the telco will also ask the customers to check in on their friends and family.

To reach Net Zero by 2027, it is important for Vodafone to retire 3G networks. Old 3G equipment uses a lot of energy and doesn’t deliver a very decent experience when it comes to data and voice calling both.

Vodafone UK will take the help of Vodafone Group which has done this sort of a thing in Germany and Italy. There are people who risk being left disconnected due to the retirement of old 3G networks next year. Affordable 4G smartphones are widely available across the UK markets and the only thing that the customers need is guidance from the companies.

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